Head of Property Finance

Jim Serafim.

Photography by Marija Ivkovic.

In August last year, The Economist named Melbourne as the world’s most liveable city for a remarkable seventh year in a row. It’s not surprising. With sound economic fundamentals underpinned by solid population growth, the Victorian capital’s charms, strengths and global reputation have increased exponentially over the last decade.

Melbourne’s growth is contributed to by its various sectors, including its property market.  As a major financier in the Melbourne property space, it is imperative that we recognise our responsibility to ensure that the industry continues to receive support. And this is something we are doing every day, via the efforts of a highly experienced and local Bank of Melbourne Property team. The growth of Victoria, however, will not be possible without the diversity of businesses – large and small – here at Bank of Melbourne; we’re proud to support them.

We’re constantly inspired by the makers, creators and doers that make our home the world’s best place to live and work, and we want to help them capture more opportunities. With each issue of Business State we strive to shine the spotlight on businesses across a wide range of industries – some that disrupt traditional business models, like Rispin&Mott. This boutique accounting and finance advisory company is breaking the mould of financial service companies and it’s inspiring to hear how Kirsty Rispin and her team have made their presence felt in a highly competitive field, helping other small and large businesses.

Also in the business of supporting other businesses, is Melbourne tech start-up Dexterous, which helps companies organise their different softwares and programs, and is constantly evolving and innovating to fit its clients’ needs. In hospitality, we learn the story behind Lentil as Anything, its pay-as-you-feel business model and its mission to spread the message of acceptance and community.

Community-building is something that we at Bank of Melbourne value strongly and so do Shesh Ghale and Jamuna Gurung. The couple, co-founders of Melbourne Institute of Technology, is involved in various philanthropic endeavors – from health to social issues. Read all about their inspiring story as they give us a peek into their work in their homeland, Nepal.

With the evolving economy and market trends, it’s imperative that businesses strategise and adapt to stay ahead of the curve and that’s exactly what Brian Hughes is doing with this company, Composite Materials Engineering. Discover inside how the company embraced innovation, creative thinking and diversification to excel through three decades of industry change.

As the only bank born of this state, we are passionate about Victoria and the businesses and communities in it. We will continue to strive and provide the best support we can to the organisations and events that matter to all Victorians. I sincerely hope you enjoy this issue of Business State and we look forward to helping your business grow in 2018!

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